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Quality wood
rom the north east
of the Iberian Peninsula


Specialised in year-round extraction and supply of wood

Our commitment to our customers and to the sustainability of the local economy defines us.

We certify the origin of all of our wood, given that we always purchase at source. We identify the best mountains and direct the extraction of the wood to guarantee the quality of the raw materials. We only sell wood from Galicia, Asturias and the north of Portugal.

Purchasing wood from Normont means having the guarantee of receiving quality wood in the best conditions.

Sustainable development for the forest sector

At Normont, we focus on the development of a solid and sustainable forest sector. For this reason, we support professionalisation in the practices of forest management as a method for developing the rural scope.

Committed to respect for the environment and the development of a sustainable economy over time, based on the utilisation of wood resources and respect for our surroundings.

We generate wealth in rural areas

We believe that forestry development is a key element for the sustainability of our mountains. That’s why we have the clear mission to train and bring value to local producers.

Through our activity, we made the development of wood from mountains in rural areas sustainable. In this way, we boost the local economy in underpopulated areas, thus contributing towards the depopulation that threatens rural areas in Galicia, Asturias and Portugal.

Do you own a mountain and want to sell your wood?


Quality wood



La Madera de Eucalipto: Características y Principales Usos

La madera de eucalipto es una madera de gran resistencia, apta incluso para exteriores, pero difícil de trabajar. Aunque tiene uno de los mayores potenciales de explotación su mala fama hace que pase desapercibida como especie maderable.
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Madera de Roble: Tipos, Características y Usos

La madera de roble es quizás, junto a la de pino, la más popular. Lo es por su excelente relación entre calidad, apariencia, resistencia y facilidad para trabajar. Es una de las opciones favoritas tanto para carpinteros como para consumidores.
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Eucalyptus wood

Galicia has 40% of the production of eucalyptus wood, which is mostly used for paper pulp, manufacturing of posts, boards, plywood and sawdust.

This wood is our main speciality. We have been working with eucalyptus wood (eucalyptus globulus) since the beginning, thus achieving complete knowledge of it and, thanks to this, we can obtain high quality raw materials that other companies cannot provide. In general, eucalyptus has good density, hardness and resistance to impacts. It is also easy to bend at will, which allows us to move away from straight angles in certain uses.


We can consider pine wood to be the most used and well-known wood. Apart from its high presence, this is also due to its versatility and ease of use. It has good indexes for resistance, contraction and flexion as well as impregnability. In Galicia, we can find the pinus pinaster variety or local pine.


Oak wood: this is one of the most popular woods thanks to its high quality-price ratio. This wood has high resistance but is also very easy to use and to mould. It is also often used because of its aesthetic. Oak wood, thanks to its variety of properties, has a multitude of uses and applications, from construction to carpentry or furniture.

Ash wood: This wood is often used because of its versatility and its excellent aptitudes for bending. It is used in carpentry and cabinetmaking, in sports articles, in floors and bodywork, as it has good tenacity characteristics (the capacity to absorb deformation energy before breaking).

Walnut wood: Considered as the most select hardwood, walnut is the dark wood of choice for fine furniture, interiors and butts of firearms. It is classified as good for bending by steam. Walnut is very resistant to heartwood decay, it is one of the most durable woods.

Chestnut wood: This is a soft and lightly nervous wood, meaning, it has great dimensional stability against changes in humidity. It has several uses from carpentry to naval construction.

Olive wood: Both for its physical properties and for its beauty, olive wood is one of the favourite materials among the most cutting-edge interior designers and architects. The irregularity of its grain and the complex patterns that are created make each piece unique.

Cherry wood: This is a leafy wood of certain quality that stands out thanks to its reddish colour and characteristic grain. It’s a very decorative and elegant wood, that is why it is one of the preferred woods for the world of interior design.


Llamamos leña a toda la madera utilizada para el fin de hacer fuego ya sea en estufas, chimeneas o cocinas. Es un tipo de biocombustible se emplea mucho en España y el uso de un tipo de leña u otro dependerá del destino que se quiera dar a las mismas. La madera como combustible es más económica, siendo hasta 6 veces más barato que con electricidad, 5 veces más que con gas y 4 veces más económico que con petróleo.


Podemos encontrar dos tipos de leña:

  1. Leña de una sola procedencia: leña de roble
  2. Leña mixta: de eucalipto, roble y acacia