Firewood of the highest quality

We call all types of wood used to light a fire “firewood”, whether used in wood burners, chimneys or kitchens. It’s a type of biofuel that is used a lot in Europe, and the use of one type of firewood or another will depend on the purpose for which it is used. Wood as a fuel is more economic, and costs up to 6 times less than electricity, 5 times less than gas and 4 times less than oil.

At Normont, our aim is for all of our firewood to have the highest quality and, most importantly, a high calorific value. The calorific value of a fuel is the amount of energy released in the combustion reaction, meaning, the amount of heat that it provides. We offer two types of firewood: the first is firewood from a single variety, such as, for example, oak firewood. On the other hand, we can also offer mixed firewood from different varieties: oak, eucalyptus and/or acacia.

Types of firewood and their characteristics

Oak firewood

Firewood from oak trees is one of the best fuels thanks to its characteristics of hardness and moisture resistance. It is very dense wood and therefore it has a very high calorific value. Also, another of its positive points is its slow combustion, which will provide many hours of heat and better use of the firewood. It is one of the best options for heating, chimneys or burners.

Eucalyptus firewood

Eucalyptus firewood is a wood with medium hardness, therefore it burns slightly faster. One defining characteristic of this wood to take into account is its aroma, so it is frequently used for chimneys and burners. Also, it doesn’t generate much ash. It must be dried for quite some time if we want it to provide a high calorific value, as it has a high content of oil and water.

Acacia wood

Acacia wood has a high calorific value and the fact that it burns even when damp makes it highly valued as a firewood. This wood makes good embers for a prolonged amount of time. 

Holm oak wood

This is considered to be one of the best firewoods for the chimney. It is one of the hardest woods we can find and is also very resistant to moisture. Also, it burns slowly and generates a lot of heat. It has a characteristic smell when cut and burns practically without a flame.

Don’t know which wood to choose?
We can help

For us, customer service is our most important objective. Knowing which type of firewood to choose for each occasion is no easy task, so we help you to choose the best option for you. Do you need firewood for your chimney or burner? Or is it for barbecues? We guide you to achieve the best performance from the wood according to its characteristics.

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Llamamos leña a toda la madera utilizada para el fin de hacer fuego ya sea en estufas, chimeneas o cocinas. Es un tipo de biocombustible se emplea mucho en España y el uso de un tipo de leña u otro dependerá del destino que se quiera dar a las mismas. La madera como combustible es más económica, siendo hasta 6 veces más barato que con electricidad, 5 veces más que con gas y 4 veces más económico que con petróleo.


Podemos encontrar dos tipos de leña:

  1. Leña de una sola procedencia: leña de roble
  2. Leña mixta: de eucalipto, roble y acacia


Eucalyptus wood

Galicia has 40% of the production of eucalyptus wood, which is mostly used for paper pulp, manufacturing of posts, boards, plywood and sawdust.

This wood is our main speciality. We have been working with eucalyptus wood (eucalyptus globulus) since the beginning, thus achieving complete knowledge of it and, thanks to this, we can obtain high quality raw materials that other companies cannot provide. In general, eucalyptus has good density, hardness and resistance to impacts. It is also easy to bend at will, which allows us to move away from straight angles in certain uses.