Your most reliable
supplier of quality wood

Your most reliable supplier of quality wood

Quality guarantee

The selection of wood is reviewed by our forestry engineers on site and once transferred to the warehouse.

Guaranteed supply

Our company can guarantee a constant supply of wood without the need to contact other suppliers.

Knowledge of the sector

Our knowledge of the geographical area allows us to reach more specific woods that other companies cannot supply.

Our processes

1. Research: We track the areas with the highest quality wood on the peninsula.

2. Analysis: We analyse the mountains to acquire only the best raw materials.

3. Extraction: We follow extraction models in accordance with regulations.

4. Sustainability: We provide advice for mountain owners on the most sustainable way to repopulate their land.

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Llamamos leña a toda la madera utilizada para el fin de hacer fuego ya sea en estufas, chimeneas o cocinas. Es un tipo de biocombustible se emplea mucho en España y el uso de un tipo de leña u otro dependerá del destino que se quiera dar a las mismas. La madera como combustible es más económica, siendo hasta 6 veces más barato que con electricidad, 5 veces más que con gas y 4 veces más económico que con petróleo.


Podemos encontrar dos tipos de leña:

  1. Leña de una sola procedencia: leña de roble
  2. Leña mixta: de eucalipto, roble y acacia


Eucalyptus wood

Galicia has 40% of the production of eucalyptus wood, which is mostly used for paper pulp, manufacturing of posts, boards, plywood and sawdust.

This wood is our main speciality. We have been working with eucalyptus wood (eucalyptus globulus) since the beginning, thus achieving complete knowledge of it and, thanks to this, we can obtain high quality raw materials that other companies cannot provide. In general, eucalyptus has good density, hardness and resistance to impacts. It is also easy to bend at will, which allows us to move away from straight angles in certain uses.